2018 RMS Convention

Chesterfield display

Girlies display

Front row: right to left - Dean Hodgkin, Cecil Waldrup, Jack Barnes and many others at one of the auctions

Donna Longenecker and Joe DeGennaro

Arlene Cole and Ringo Star (actually Ringer Star who impersonates Ringo - he was there to entertain the high rollers)

Left to right - Arlene Cole, Bob Hofacker, Dave Carr, Deb Guynup, John Bachochin and Denise Barnard

Gary Pesche and granddaughter

Front row: left to right - Cecil Waldrup and Dave Carr; 2nd row: Grant Gehringer, Toby Messmer, Jack Barnes

Linda Wolfe being sworn in, Shirley Sayers holding phone while Clem Pater swears her in

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