2017 RMS Convention

Tom Meek and Ken White
Left, going around the back: Bill Evans, Nor Van Tol, Carry Van Tol, Larry Zeigler, Carol Ziegler, Barry Gibson, Rob McCullough, and Poppy Evans Denise McKinney, Carrol Mazur, Alan Chn, Barry Balin, Robert Hall, Tom Meek, and David Sachs
Cliff Denniss, Jene Lyle, Joan Lyle, Rich Clemento, Arlene Cole, Janet Stout, and Ken White Pat Weiner, Wally Mains, Pat Mains, David Schroeder, Mary Alice, and John Bachochin Charlie Specht, Denis Bouchard, Penny Smith, Lyle Smith, Bob Cigrang, and Charlie Bressler

Rich and Kathy Greene

Ed and Chrissy Talley
Doris Wolf, Deb Guynup, Donna Valachovic, Tom Valachovic, Joel Acus, Janice Acus, and Stella Williams

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