2018 RMS Convention

Bob Cigrang, Chuck Bressler, Lyle Smith

Left to right - Grant Gehringer, Dan Bitter, Kathy Bitter (Bitter grandson & Bitter kids)

Sandy and Tom Gray

Mary Alyce Olds and John Bachochin

Left to right - Doris Wolfe, Deb Guynup, Linda Wolfe, Shirley Sayers, Sherri Kayhoe, Nancy Smith,
Charlie Sawas, and Jeff Davis

Jack Barnes, Bob Borton, (Borton family) Paula Borton, Sandy Gray, and Tom Gray

Left to right: Donna Longenecker, Gayle Hofacker, Bill Gigantino, Bob Hofacker, Charlie & Barb Myers, Mike Schwimmer, and Bill Longenecker

First four Bitter family, Jerome & Diane Trendle, Dan & Kathy Bitter

Judy Limpright & Denis Bouchard, Dick Hagerman, and Ellen Gutting

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