It is through the help of vigilant fellow collectors that I am able to illustrate my "Matchbooks in the Lawbooks" column in the RMS Bulletin.
Below is the latest list of some covers sought as illustrations for future columns. If any on this "hit list" are found, please either e-mail me a good clear scan or send me an actual specimen that I can scan and return to you. Due attribution will, of course, be given in the column to the provider of the illustration.
Please circulate this list at club meetings, Conventions, Swap-fests, etc.
Ken Ryesky
Ken Ryesky, P.O. Box 926, East Northport, NY 11731 USA,
71 BAR AND GRILL, 1220 Normandy Drive, Miami Beach, Florida (1994).

A VISTA PAWN [pawnshop], 503 Vista Avenue (???), Boise, Idaho (early to mid 1990's).

ACADIAN CATERING CO., Louisiana (1960's - early 1970's).


ADAIR'S CAFETERIAS / ADAIR'S CATERING, Oklahoma City (mid to late 1960's).

AEROPLANE matches [box] (1939 - 1940).

AMERICAN MOTEL, Trevose, Pennsylvania (late 1960's or early 1970's).

ANNIE'S COOKIE JAR [a topless go-go bar somewhere in Florida] (1981).

ARCH Safety matches [box] (1939 - 1940).

ATLANTA AMERICANA HOTEL (or MOTEL), Atlanta (1962 - 1966).

AUGUSTINE'S RESTAURANT, St. Louis, Missouri (1980).

B&H BONDING SERVICE, Camdenton, Missouri [Bail bonds] (1990).


BORG-WARNER (with "Finlay & Associates" imprint) (1970's).

"Braided Fixed Stars" stick matches, Great Britain (1860's to 1880's).

BRASS BULL, 704 South Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Florida (1984).

BROWNING'S BARBECUE, No. 1321 Wood Street, Dallas, Texas (1953).

BRYMAY SAFETY MATCHES, Great Britain, (1939 - 1950).

CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE (double chevron "á ^ ñ" logo).

CANTEEN OF CANADA (mid - late 1970's).

CARLING BLACK LABEL BEER (preferably 1950's to 1960's, but can work with any year).

CASEY'S NICKELODEON, 5590 Hallandale Beach Boulevard, Pembroke Park, Florida (1983).

CHELLINO HOTEL, Carbondale, Pennsylvania (early 1940's).

CHEVRON gas station on Lakewood Boulevard, Long Beach, California (1978).

CHI-CHI'S RESTAURANT, Dearborn, Michigan (1991).

CIELO, 66 SW 6th St., Miami, Florida (2003).

CLARK MOTOR OIL [emblem] (early - mid 1970's).

CLUBHOUSE [stick match boxes, manufactured in Russia] [circa 1930].

COMPRI HOTEL, Ontario, California (1986).

CONOCO CAFE & MOTEL (& possibly a truck stop), 2107 West 2nd Street, Grand Island,
Nebraska (2000).

CUSTOMS HOUSE RESTAURANT, Foster City, California (books or boxes) (1979 - 1982).

CUSTOM CYCLE CITY, Columbus, Ohio (1993).

D&H BONDING SERVICE, Eldon, Missouri [Bail bonds] (1990).

DAI-ICHI HOTEL, Singapore (Matchbox) (1989).

DIAMOND BAR, Yreka, California (1942 - 1944).

DUMAROC'S BAR, De Soto, Illinois (1981).

EAST SIDE STUDIO / EAST SIDE ESCORT AGENCY, Botany, Australia [Matchbook or
matchbox] (1988).
ELBY'S FAMILY RESTAURANTS with "Big Boy" trademark & Station WTRF, Ohio.

EL EMPERADOR, 36-38 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida (1986).

Flamers or Wind Matches or Wind Flamers [box] (circa 1913).

FOUNTAIN VALLEY GOLF COURSE, St. Croix, Virgin Islands [Matchbook or Matchbox] (1972).
FRANK'S BEVERAGES, Philadelphia, PA [Lion Match manumark] (circa 1929).

GATSBY'S LOUNGE, Gretna, Louisiana (circa 1980).

GAULT'S MOTOR COURT & RESTAURANT, Near New Bern, North Carolina (1958).

GLOBE LOUNGE, Allegheny County (probably Pittsburgh) Pennsylvania (1951).

GOLDEN DOOR COIFFEUR, San Carlos, California (1965 - 1980).

GOLDEN DOOR FOR HAIR, San Mateo, California (1975 - 1980).


H.G. ROOSTER'S, 823 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach, Florida (1993).

HAPPY COOKER CATERING, Oakville, Ontario (1977-78).

HAWKEYE MOTEL, Des Moines, Iowa (1996).

HOLIDAY INN CENTRAL, Des Moines, Iowa (1974).

HOLLYWOOD DINNER CLUB, Texas (probably Galveston) (1940).

HOTEL LOTTI, Cannes, France (1960's).

HOWARD JOHNSON'S MOTOR INN, 1100 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Florida (1999 - 2003).


INNER CIRCLE LOUNGE, 975 South Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West, Florida (1983).

INNER ROOM, 74 North Orlando Avenue, Cocoa Beach, Florida (1984).

IRIS Black Safety Matches [box] (1939 - 1940).

JIMMIE'S SAVIN ROCK RESTAURANT, West Haven, CT (mid-late 1980's / early 1990's).

JIMMY MORAN'S, New Orleans, Louisiana (early 1950's).

JOLLY BUCCANEER Root beer / restaurants, Canada. (1960's).

JOHNSON WHOLESALE PERFUME CO., Connecticut (1930's).

KNIGHT'S INN, Naples, Florida (1989).

KEY WESTER INN, 975 South Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West, Florida (1983).

LABATT "COUNTRY CLUB" or "CLUB" BEER with club design [§].

LAGOMA RESTAURANT, 9550 N.W. South River Drive, Miami, Florida (1986).

"LEONARD EDGE: PIG AND PROUD" [Matchbook or Matchbox] (distributed by Dallas
police officer Leonard Edge along his beat, late 1960's).
MAGIC TIPS brand matches [Reliable Match Co., Ashland, Ohio] (1905 - 1906).

MALTBY, SIR THOMAS KARREN [Candidate for seat in Legislative Assembly, Geelong, Victoria, Australia] (1958).
MARSHALL-WELLS Hardware [with or without Canora, Saskatchewan imprint ?] (1966).

McGILL UNIVERSITY FACULTY CLUB, Montreal, Canada [1990's - 2000's].

MEL'S DRIVE-IN, Morgan Hill, California [with legend "Mel Graham, Proprietor"] (1952 - 1955).
MIKE HOULIHAN'S, St. Louis, Missouri (1985 - 1991).

MILNER HOTEL, St. Louis, Missouri (1975).

MODERN VOLKSWAGEN PORSCHE SPECIALIST, Long Beach, California (1958 - 1966).

MOTEL DORMA DELL, Norwalk, Ohio ["Quality Court" logo] (1950).

MR. WONDERFUL'S, Tampa, Florida (1984).

OUR DARLING brand matches (probably stick matches) (1904).

PADDY'S BAR & GRILL, 65 SW Yamhill Street, Portland, Oregon (1982).

PARKWAY [stick match boxes, manufactured in Russia] [circa 1930].

PEANUTS BAR, Hornell, New York (1980's - 1990's).

PHILADELPHIA CLUB [stick match boxes, manufactured in Russia] [circa 1930].

PIZZERIA UNO Restaurants (1983).

RECARDO'S POOL & GRILL, Western Shore, Nova Scotia (2002).

RED BALL Safety Match [box] (1969).

RED ROOF INN, Taylor, Michigan (1995).

RED SEAL brand matches [probably stick matches] [manufactured by Union Match Co.] (1914).

RICHARD'S BEST TEXACO [Wayne County, prob. near Goldsboro] North Carolina (1972).

RIVIERA RESORT MOTEL, Highway A1A, Hallandale, Florida (1984).

ROBIN'S DRUGS, 17 Charlotte Street, Saint John, New Brunswick, 652-6060 ["Rexall" logo] (1974).
RUMOURS WINE BAR AND BISTRO, 2, The Broadway, Front Lane, Cranham, Upminster, Essex, UK.
SAMBO'S PEPPERPOT, "Jes ain't none better" , [Canada, possibly Creighton, Saskatchewan] (mid 1970's).
SHALIMAR Restaurant, Los Angeles Area [Probably (Shalimar Cuisine of India in Culver City or Woodland Hills] (1992).

SKKY LOUNGE, 66 SW 6th St., Miami, Florida (2003).

SOUTHERN NIGHTS, 375 South Bumby Avenue, Orlando, Florida (1999).

SPEEDI LUBRICATION CENTERS (Atlas manumark) (1977).

SPORTS AUTHORITY restaurants in Ramada Inn hotels, Northern New Jersey (1990's).

SPORTSMAN'S ON THE WHITE RIVER, Arkansas (1983 - 1988).

STATE EXPRESS 555 Cigarettes, [boxes, 35 matches] [matchbooks, 18 matches] (early 1990's)

SUBURBAN YELLOW TAXI, Minneapolis, Minnesota (1970's - 1980's).

TALLISHIRE [Homebuilders, houses with names "_____shire", developed in Driffield, Beverley, Hedon and Hutton, United Kingdom (1970's - 1980's).
TARTAN [Colored Stick Safety Matches] (1932 - 1937).
T.G.I. FRIDAY'S [Canada] (late 1970's - early 1980's).

TITANIC DISCO [Matchbox, yellow] (1981).

TRADEWINDS BAR, Sacramento, California (1978).

TREEHOUSE SALOON, 4458 Purdy Lane, West Palm Beach, Florida (1983).

TRIPLE FIVE SOUL (apparel) New York (late 1990's - 2000's).

TUESDAY'S restaurant, Wilmington, North Carolina (1975).

TRAFFIC CLUB OF CHICAGO, Palmer House Hotel, Chicago (1950's).

VELVET TIP Matches [stick matches] (1905 - 1910).

VETERANS AFFAIRS MEDICAL CENTER, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (1991).

VILLAGE BAR, Grant County near Keiler, Wisconsin [possibly with name of Clair H. Fiedler included] (late 1960's, 1970's).
VMCO sport matches [box] (1939 - 1940).

WALGREEN'S [Possibly Illinois] (1975).

WALTON'S BAR, San Francisco (1953).

WAREHOUSE RESTAURANT, Marina Del Rey & Newport Beach, California (1969 - 1980's).

WEEGHMAN'S RESTAURANT, [matchbox] St. Louis, Missouri (1920's).

WESTERN PIZZA RESTAURANT, Regina (or Regina Beach), Saskatchewan, Canada (1982).
Matchbooks from the 1950's that opposed efforts to bring prohibition to Arkansas.
Matchbooks manufactured outside USA with country of origin appearing behind the comb.
Matchbooks manufactured by various manufacturers in Sivakasi, India.
Matchbook with picture of older man with two younger women, caption "Old men should stick to hitting on old women" (1999).
Osborn Company, Clifton, New Jersey (1946 - 1948).
Harry J. Scott Company, Kansas City, MO (1948 - 1954).
Lemmon or Sidney Lemmon, Kansas City, MO (1954 - 1963).

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