UES 2017: June 7-11, Ramada Plaza Hotel, 1718 Underpass Way, Hagerstown, MD 21740, 301-797-2500; Room: $92 +single or double/$105 suite.
RMS CONVENTION 2017: August 21-27, 2017. Ramada Plaza Hotel (same as UES location), Hagerstown, MD. 301-797-2500. $92 Double/$105 US Mini Suite. Always check Convention Central at http://matchcover.org for latest details.
KEYSTONE-LEHIGH SWAPFEST: Oct 19-22. Holiday Inn, Morgantown, PA. More details coming.
LONG BEACH OCTOBER SWAPFEST: Oct. 27-28, LaQuinta Inn & Suites. More details coming.
SOUTHERN SWAPFEST 2018: March 20 through March 25, 2018. Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites - Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL 33612 Latest details at http://www.southernswapfla. com or contact Frank Denzler fank111@aol.com
Annual Events To Watch For
  • March:
Southern Swapfest: Various locations within Florida. Typical activities: two big auctions, shoebox trading, table hopping, room hopping, local tours, displays.
  • April/May:
AMCAL Convention: The West's biggest (and only) convention. Locations are normall in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. Big auctions; focus is on trading. Lots of fun!
Trans Canada Swapfest: In the Niagara Falls area. Typical activities: freebie tables, auction, displays, room hopping, local tour
  • June:
United Eastern Swapfest: Usually in Hagerstown, MD. Typical activities: trading, dealers tables, displays, auction, awards banquet.
  • August:
RMS Convention: Always in August, locations vary around the country. Typical activities: freebie tables, room hopping, 4-5 auctions (the biggest in the hobby), displays, local tours, dealers tables, regional/specialty club meetings, awards banquet.
  • October:
Long Beach Swapfest: always in the Los Angeles area. Typical activities: cigar box trading, Connecticut auctions, Bingo, ice cream social, local tour, trading, auction
Keystone-Lehigh Valley Swapfest: Always in PA. Typical activities: Freebie tables, bingo, trivia contest, costume party, room hopping, auctions, dealers tables, displays, awards banquet.

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