Master List by Edward Wright

Christmas Issue-between 1933-1940 as a set.
2 Bells-------------------------------------------------------------- [Eddy Quality 3/20 c E.T.S.]
Flowers in a Pot---------------------------------------------- [Eddy Quality 3/20 c E.T.S.]
3 People & Double Bass----------------------------- [Eddy Quality 3/20 c E.T.S.] & [Eddy Quality 1/5c E.T.S.]
Christmas wreath & Bow---------------------------- [Eddy Quality 3/20 c E.T.S.] & [Eddy Quality 1/5c E.T.S.]

Need: All Sets

Animals/Fish----Set of 10:
a. Kitten---------------------------------------------f. Red Squirrel
b. Beaver-------------------------------------------g. Scotch Collie
c. Through bred ---------------------------------h. Boxer
d. Ra coon -----------------------------------------i. Eastern Brook Trout
e .Red Fox----------------------------------------j. Coho

Animals are full color on White Background---Four Variations

#4---Eddy (S), Name and Picture (F), Red Maple Leaf & Made in Canada English & French (B)
Need: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j.

Birds---Set of 5
Birds are in full color on a White card.
a. Baltimore Oriole
b. Blue jay
c. Cardinal
d. Red Headed Woodpecker
e. Screech Owl

Two Variations:
#2a-Eddy (S), Name and picture (F), Made in------w / Red maple leaf, English/ (B) Gray Card:
Need; a. b. c. d. e.


Antique Cars 5 Basic Designs, Red and Black line drawings, indentical to the Diamond set in this Second issue duplicating one cover and was issued as two set of 3, Eddy was replaced for; Only MM and Saddle:

Design As for “c”
Set #1-Eddy (S):
Need: a. b.
French Only,[MM]Black Striker, Saddle[Blank]
Need: d.

World Series, Total of 20, in sets of 3

This series was issued in sets of 3. Although there are only 12 different sets, set #1 and Set #2 came
in five different color, variations making 20 sets of 3 total. In these designs for Greece, Italy, Holland, and
Mexico were repeated, but were minor color variations. These are noted accordingly to differentiate.
Canada is also repeated but with different designs which are noted.
All 20 sets are printed on Gray paper.
Set #1
1A 1B 1C 1D 1E
a. Belgium Mauve Mauve Light Blue Brown Brown
b. Spain Orange Red Red Green Yellow
c. Germany Orange Red Red Green Yellow

Pre-mentioned 5 colors:
1A. Orange & Mauve 1D. Green & Brown
1B . Red & Mauve 1E. Yellow & brown
1C. Red & Lt. Blue
Colors mentioned are background, Belgium always the complimentary background to the other 2.

Set #2
b. Canada (Eskimo)
b. Greece
Pre-mentioned 5 colors:

2A. Orange & Mauve 2D. Green & Brown
2B. Red & Mauve 2E. Yellow & Brown
2C. Red & Lt. Blue
Backgrounds are always as Underlined.

Set #1E.

Belgium-----Yellow dress w/Brown background
Spain----------Yellow dress w/Brown background
Spain----------Yellow background

Covers needed for an Alphabetized Sets (Group):
Belgium------Yellow Dress w/Brown background
Spain-----------Brown dress w/ Yellow background
Germany --Brown Dress w/Yellow background
Greece------- Red background w/ ”World Series in Blue Print.”
Portugal-----Blue background
Greece-------Red background w/ World Series in Blue Print

Singles needed for a Alphabetized Set (Group) :
Belgium----Yellow dress w/ brown background
Belgium----Yellow background
France-------Yellow background -World Series” in Red Print.
Germany---Light Blue
Spain---------Yellow ground

1959 Nature Series 3 Series of 12 Covers.
N.B. No Regular MM through this series.
This series of 12 Covers, Animals, Fish, & Insects, was issued four sets of 3.
Totally three different variations, even tho the same three colors (Orange, Brown & Green ) are used.
One color for background, other two for Animals etc. etc.
Series # 1.
a. Crafty, the Fox g. Myrtle, the Turtle
b. Hooty, the Owl h. Hoppy, the Hopper
c. Downy, the Duck i. Tosh & Tish

d. Nutty the Squirrel j. John, the Fawn
e. Claude, the Frog k. k. Bibi & Bobo Bear
f .Kitty Ra coon l. Eager the Beaver

Series #1---12 covers/ Green background/animals in Brown & Orange.
Series #2---12 covers/ Orange background/animals in Green & Brown
Series #3---12 covers/ Brown background/animals in Orange & Green

N.B.---Names of the Animals etc. not printed on covers, gray cards. N.B. differences in paper color From white to cream (only minor)
Some of the Covers were issued without the animals name on the Front. It is unlikely that the complete series was issued with this omission. Certain d. e. & j. exist of a different paper stock.

1961 Nature Series (One series of the 12)
This series was reissued but this time with a white background only. This series confuses many Collectors since 5 of the 12 covers had the trademarks on the back and Eddy on the saddle “printed” in Green,(marked Green above), while the other 7 have them in orange. These are one complete set.

Series #4---12 covers/White background/animals still using same three colors, except a. & g. which Used no Brown. These covers are still marked with the names on the front.

Set #4a---
Some of the Covers were issued without the animals name on the Front. It is unlikely that the complete series was issued with this omission. Certain d. e. & j. exist of a different paper stock.

1959 & 1961
Set #1----Need: k. l. (Orange)
Set #2----Need: d. e. f. g. h. i. J. k. (Brown)
Set #3----Need: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. (Green)
Set #4a--Need: b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l. (White background w/paper.)

1959 Winter Series (9 Covers)

Fir Cone (*)
Holley Leaves
Snowflakes, with dots (*)
Tree, Star on Top (*)
Bells (*)
Snowflakes, no dots (*)
Tree Ornament
Star (*)
This series was first issued as 3 sets of 3, ( 9 Covers ) Christmas design on , printed in 2 colors of white.

Series #1 Red & Green on White Back of cover has a Red “E” in a match design.
Series #2 As same as #1, but printed in Red & Blue.

Set #1
d. e. f.
Set #2
Need: d, e, f.

1961 Winter Series (6 covers)

Series #3 Similar as #1 & #2 in Red & Green, back of cover has changed Green “E”, circled w/ company,
Name, & Red maple leaf, only issued 6 0f 9 covers marked (*) above.

Set #3
Need: d, e, f, i. (With Orange Maple Leaf)

Outdoors Series 12 Covers 1960

Series #2
Same as series #1 except for the “E” in the Trademark and the words “Outdoor Series” are in Green, also slight color variations in the line drawings.

c. Never dive in shallow water especially near rocks.
e. This looks harmless. Learn to recognize, and keep away.
f. This is not a play thing , always keep Life jackets in the boat.
g. Never step on a pile of debris, it may contain rusty nails, broken glass or tin.
i. In emergency use this as a splint in the event of broken leg.
j. Learn how to use your watch, as a compass, if you should lose you way in the woods.
k. Be cleanly, don’t paper or bottles lying about after a picnic.

Series #3 12 Covers 1960

Same as series #1 & #2 except the “E” in the “Trademark” and the words “Outdoor Series” are in Blue
also slight color variations in the line drawings.

Need: All covers this set.


Nature Series (Flora & Fauna) Issued 1961-1963 Series of 36 covers

Series One #1-6, 6 of 6 Color(S),Nature Series in White, either Bird or Flower(F), Information in
English & French. Card colors : Yellow, Gray, White.

Series Two #1-6, 6 of 6, Blank(S), either Bird or Flower(F), Information in English & French.
Card colors: Yellow, Gray, White.
Not all sets are know to exist #1 & #3 exist blank (S)

Series One

Set #5 Red(S)
a. Red Trillium d. Baltimore Oriole
b. Golden Rod e. Waxwing
c. Canada Lily f. Wood Duck

Need :
e. Waxwing

Series Two

Sets 1-6 Blank(S)

Need : a. b. c. d. e .f-- All Sets.(Known)

Canada Series Series of 18 1967
Series Issued as 3 sets of 6, different combination of two colors on White.
One of the 10 Provinces(F), Map of Canada w/corresponding Province Highlighted in
Both English & French. Main Four Colors used: Red, Blue, Brown, & Green.

Series Two:
Identical to First except has Centenniel 1867-1967 Logo on back of cover.
Series #1:
Alberta---------------Oil Rig
Manitoba------------Red River Cart
New Brunswick----Covered Bridge
Quebec---------------St. Joseph’s Shrine. Mont.
Saskatchewan------Grain Elevators
Canada--------------Peace Tower

Series #2:
g. Alberta-------------------Cattle Branding
British Columbia------Victoria Harbor
Nova Scotia-------------Bluenose 11
Ontario-------------------Toronto City Hall
Quebec-------------------Pierce Rock
Saskatchewan----------R.C.M.P. Fort Walsh

Series #3:
British Columbia-----Stanley Park. Van
Manitoba-------------- Portage & Main Win
Newfoundland--------Signal Hill
Ontario-----------------Upper Canada Village
Prince Edward Is.---Confederation Room
Quebec-----------------Montreal Skyline


Series One Blue/ Red Need: a. b. c. d. e.
Series One Blue/ Orange Need: a. b. c.d. e. f.
Series One Brown/ Blue Need: a. b. c. f.
Series One Red/ Dark Brown Need: b. c. e. f.
Series One Lt. Brown/ Lt. Blue Need: a. b. c. d. e. f.
Series One Lt Brown/ Lt. Brown
Series One Red/ Dark Green Need: a. b. c. d .e. f.

Series Two Blue/ Red Need: g. h. i. j. k. l.
Series Two Blue/ Orange Need:
Series Two Brown/ Blue Need:
Series Two Lt. Brown/ Lt. Blue Need: g. h .i. j. k. l.
Series Two Red/ Dark Brown Need:
Series Two Lt. Brown/ Lt. Brown
Series Two Red/ Dark Green Need:

Series Three Need: All Sets/Colors

Government of New Brunswick Set of 8 Covers 1974
N.B. Front of all covers depicts “The Legislative Building, Frederiction”
All the backs of the covers show different scenes in New Brunswick.

Need: Complete set.

Folk Art Collection---Series #2French Woodcuts
This series of Back-strike covers has a different design on the front and back of each cover. Brown on Beige.
Set A. Flame over "i" in Eddylites is in Red . Printed on White stock.
Set B. Flame over "i" in Eddylites is in Brown. White card stock.
Set C. As Set B, But is printed on yellow stock.
#1 Tiger/Horse
#2 Flower/Antelope
#3 Two Crossed Flowers/Bird
#4 Two Acorns/Stag
#5 Horse/Stork
#6 Deer/Flower
#7 Unicorn/Two Acorns
#8 Antelope/Two Crossed Flowers
#9 Bird/Unicorn
#10 Stork/Tiger

Set B. Flame over "i" in Eddylites is in Brown.
#'s 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10.
Set C As B Printed on yellow stock.
#'s 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

Eddy-lite singles-All covers are printed on white card stock. Various colors, Dates of
circulation 1986, 1987, 1988.
1. Seasons Greetings-F/B-Eng/French Both-diagnal stripes-Red Yel, Grn, Blk.[BS]
2. Small Sailing ship Right Front & Left Back-Brn, yellow/white.[BS]
3. French Flora(F).12 Small French Floras(B),Blue/White.[BS]
4. Small Squares,Full length,Black/Beige.[BS]
5. Small diamond in diamond,Full length,Dark Gray-Silver/Gray.[BS]
6.Wood Grain,Full length.[BS]2
7. Eclipes, Moon /Sun,Red/Black[BS]
8. Seafarer Matches & Sailor-F/B,Multi. Color/White[BS]
9. Shield (F) Nova Scotia Tattan discription(B) Red,Grn,Blue Tartan.[BS]
10. Monogram "g" (F/B) Red/White[BS]
11. Redbird (F/B) Red/White[BS]
12. Diamond/Circle/Square, one inside other. Silver/Black[BS]


Singles.Solid Colors,Yellow Match,Yellow/Orange/Red flamehead.on white stock.
1. Mauve
2. Blue
3. Black [Different MM]
4. Black [Narrow Striker]
5. Black [Wide Striker]

# 5.

Eddy Match-Toronto-Made in Canada-Set of 50 States,Capital,& Population.
White stock,Back Strike,American Flag(F) & (S),Blank(I)

Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada,
New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, South Dakato, Tennessse,
Texas,Utah,Vermont,Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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