Listed below on Supermarket Want Lists are the ones that I had that are partly finished, I know that there are many other sets, if you have any Complete sets [dupes] I would appreciate you passing them to me. All in RED are the ones’ I need.

Days of the Week 1977 OMC 20's,Back strike, Blank Back: Saturday
Kroger Set-Set of 25(1883-1983)100TH ANNIVERSARY: All 25
Old Timepieces,Set of 6,two pictures(F/B),Different color,Blan(S),
Old Timepieces in Black on brown,over striker in brown,BS,1 line MM.
Set 1.Light Brown background,brown clock(F)Clock w/handle,Bird &
Clock on stand,Old Timepieces in Black,over striker,1 line MM.
Set 2.White background brown clock w/line around(F),Cuckcoo,Blank(S)
Old Timepieces in Black,over striker,1 line MM
Playboy Club Set #7(Brown Striker)
Costa Rico, Dallas,Los Angeles,Manila,Nassau,New York,Phoenix.
Playboy Club Set #4(Gray Striker)
Chicago,Cincinnati,Costa Rico,Great Gorge,Lake Geneva,London,
New York,Manchester,Manila,Nassau,New York,Portmouth,St. Louis,Toyko.
Mammoth Cave, Ky.(1936)Set of 4: Onyx Colonnade
Rock City Gardens Set of 4 Two Views each cover: Balance Rock/Seven States
Sportmans’ Set of 4 Republican Match Co. Arlington, Tx. :
Old Faithful,On the Wing, Quick Action,The Break.
The Scenic West Set of 4, DMC, BS : Buffalo,Cable Car, Dam, Log Train.
Ralph’s Set of 10,[1974] BS, Nutrition Tips: All
Ohio Bridge Set of 4, Table 1 thru 4 :All
L’Opera Set of 5, Famous Musicians, 30’s : All
Panarama Set of 6, [1949], Type I, country name in [Bk]
MEXICO,ITALY,ENGLAND,UNITED STATES,GERMANY,POLAND, UMC(BK) FS MM all capitals. or Type II, [1950], w/(BK) FS MM mixed capital and w/sl or Type III,(1950), w/(GY) FS MM mixed capital and w/sl.Need:
All Sets of 6, Type I,II,III w/Blank Back
Set of 6, As Type III, w/Seasons Greting from The Fidelity Trust
Co.Balitmore-Towson,Freindship Airport on back.Need:
Mexico,England,United States
Set of 6, As Type III, w/Merry Christmas Jack Blank on Back. Need:
Italy, Germany
Panorama Christmas Set of 6,Type II (1950) with (BK)FS,MM With mixed capitals and w/SL, or (1950) w/GY FS MM mixed capital w/SL.
All covers in both sets. (12 Covers Total)
Panorama Christmas Set of 10, (1951), Type I all words, (BK) UMC, no letters either side of MM.
Ireland,Belgium,Mexico,Italy,England,United States,Germany,Switzerland,
Sweden, France, UMC,no letters on eithe side of MM, or Type II w/C1. UMC,
added to the left of MM.
Set of 10, Type I:
Ireland----, Belgium----2x,Mexico----,France----2x
Set of 10, Type I, w/Season Greetings, THEO. C. ULMER INC.Richmond St. & E.
Columbia Ave.Phila 25, Pa on back.
Ireland,Mexico,Italy, England,United States,Germany,Switzerland,Sweden.
Set od 10, Type I w/Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year THE FARMERS AND
CITIZENS BANK, Trotwood,Okio on back.
Ireland,Belgium,Italy,England,United States,Germany,Switzerland,Sweden,
Set of 10, Type I w/Many Thanks for Your Contiuned Patronage, BUTTONWOOD
COURT and CABIN KITCHEN, Emporium,Pa. on
Set of 10, Type I w/ "1956 Season's Greetings" Directors, Officers,and Staff
1957 christmas fund? It starts Nov. 23rd,1956 on back.
Panorama Christmas Set of 10, Type II. With/C1 add to left of MM.
All---- w/Blank back.
Set of 10, Type II w/C1 added to left of MM, with Seasons Greetings From The
officers and Staff G.O.KELLER"S Plainfiels,N.J.on back:
Belgium,Mexico,Italy,United States,Germany,Switzerland,Sweden, France.
1957 OMC Flowers,FS,2 line MM: Poppy
1955 (Silver) OMC Flowers,Two line MM,Name(S)Flower,Exclusively (Over)Ohio Blue Tip: Azalea,Camillia.
1955 (Silver) OMC Flowers, Different MM,Name(S)FlowerExclusively (Leftside)Ohio Blue Tip:
1955 (Silver) OMC Flowers,Diff MM,Blank (S)Flower name/right of flower,Exclusively(Over) Ohio Blue Tip: Anemone,Azalea,Cosmos,Peony,Rose.
1955 (Silver) OMC Fowers,One line MM,Two Pictures (same) each cover: Azalea
Eddy Match Co. Nature Series,Canada,Illustration Nat.Museum of Canada, English and French, Blank(S) Picture(Front) Set of 6: American Lotus,Marsh Marigold,Redheaded Woodpecker,Scarlet Tanager,
Swamp Rose Mallow.
Eddy Match Co.Limited, Canada, 1961, Nature Series,Cream Paper, Blue(S),English and French:
Red Headed Woodpecker,Scarlet Tanader.
Western Match Co. Ltd. Vancouver,B.C. 1965 Cream Paper, Black Striker:
Clematis, Lily 2x’s,Orchid2x’s.
Diamond Match Co. Set of 10,(1953 )Olive Green, Description Inside
Canterbury belles, Daffodils, Darwin tulips Louis IV, Peony.
USA Presidents, Set of 16, [1960] (2 presidents on each cover) F/B Bk / We, Maryland Match Co. Need: Two each of the following: Hayes / Garfield, Cleveland/ McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt /Taft, Calvin Coolidge/ Herbert Hoover.
USA Presidents, Set of 32, 1941, Type I, wide striker: Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Grover Cleveland.
USA presidents, Set of 32, 1942, Type II, DMC, Narrow Striker: Complete Set # 1 Through # 32.
Chicago Match Co.Libertyville,Ill.,Amer.Scence, Quality Meats(S),W.C. Bowman,Golden Rule Store,
Groceries,2203 E.34th St.,East Lake,Chattanooga, Tenn. Phone 4-9254:
Carefree Days
Toyland,Set of 10,(1953)UMC,FS,Full length: Green Hose,Horse.
UMC,Denver,Set of 10,1955, Indians of the Southwest, Navajo Trail Map On Back:
Basket Maker 450,Basket Maker Kindling,Pueblo Corn.
Amer.Scence,Night Call(S),Hoover Plumbing & Heating,Inc.,Phone 776-3053,Newville,Penna.:
Capital,Iwo Jima.
American Scenes,Gray Paper,1966,Type II,D.D.Bean & Sons, No spot hole.
The Deep South,Great Southwest,Stand Rock, & The Ozarks.
American Eagles,1988,20's,BS,State,Pop.,Captial. One line MM, UMC Made in Canada:
Alabama 2x’s,Alaska 2x’s,Washington(State),Washington,D.C.2x’s
Made in England Bryant and May, Pub Signs,Special Price..(On back),Bryant&May(S),Picture/Name (Front): The Swan, The Pig & Whistle.
Piedmont Airline,Jewels,BS, Piedmont Up and ....over striker, Set of 18,(1986)Nationwide Reservations- 1-800-251-5720 (I):Balitmore,Chicago, Dallas,Hilton Head,Miami,New York,JWL.
Piedmont Airline,Jewels,BS, Piedmont Up and ....over striker, Set of 14,(1984)Blank(I):
Dayton, New Orleans , Washington ,D. C.,JWL-[Houston/Woodlands].
Diamond Match Co., New York, N.Y.(I),Olive Green,Blank(S),FS, Picture(F) Set of 10:
Salmon or Trout Swimming
Birthstone Set of 6,Superior match Co.FS, Red,two pictures each cover: Garnet,Amsthyst,Opal,Topaz.
How’s your Trivia?(S) Set 0f 30, 30’s,Pink/White,BS: Jay Gorney,Johnny Mack,Lorne Green,1933.
Tums :
Text A--Acid Indigestion (Inside Top)
Text B--Tums Acid (Inside Top)
Wild Animals-1956-Series #2-Set of 6-Text B: African Elephant,Gorilla,Lion,Moose,Panther,Tiger.
Wild Animals-1956-Series #1-Set of 6-Text B: Bear,Boar,Buffalo,Tiger,Rhinoceros,Zebra.
Tums Birds-
Set 1-Set of 6-Text A-Small A
Set 1-Set of 6-Text B-Large A
Set 1-Set of 6-Text A-Different Font A
Tums Fishing Lures-
Set 1-Set of 6-No Letter-Text B
Set 1-Set of 6-No Letter-Text B
Set 1-Set of 6-Large A-Text A
Set 1-Set of 6-Large B-Text A
Set 1-Set of 6-Large C-Text A
Tums Fishing Lures-
Set 1-Set of 6-No Letter-Text A
Set 1-Set of 6-No Letter-Text B
Set 1-Set of 6-Small B-Text A
Set 1-Set of 6-Med.B-Text A
Set 1-Set of 6-Large B Text A
Lion Cocktail Want List
Mary Pickford
Cherry in Glass:
Mary Pickford
Hand holding Shaker:
(I have :Three Little Pigs & Whiskey Sour)

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