Aside from RMS, which is the national hobby organization, there are three types of matchcover clubs: regional, specialty, and private. Regional clubs [ex. Sierra-Diablo Club in Northern California] are those which are based in a specific area and have elected officers who serve for specific terms; and specialty clubs [ex. Girlie Club] focus on a specific category only. Private clubs are those 'owned and operated' by one individual (AMCC was an example, but no private clubs exist in the hobby at the moment). All clubs welcome members both in and out of their local areas [most collectors belong to several clubs in order to receive a variety of club bulletins, membership listings, mail auctions, etc.]:

Note: For your convenience, there is a dues summary at the bottom of the page, but they're always changing so you had better check directly with the club before sending anyone a check

The following clubs are located throughout the United States and Canada:

ANGELUS MATCHCOVER CLUB: California's oldest club (73 years old in 2024); a regional club serving the greater Los Angeles-Pasadena area. Meetings are held Jan., Feb., Mar. Sept., Oct., & Nov. Dues: $10 (US/$10CAN), $12 (family), $14 (foreign). Quarterly bulletin, mail auctions, Holiday-Auction in November. Contact: Cheryl Crill, 1533 E. Woodbury Rd., Pasadena, CA 91104 (Tel: 626-794-0094)
BIG BOY RESTAURANTS CLUB: A specialty club focusing on Big Boy restaurant covers. Meets annually at RMS convention. No bulletin/no dues; initial membership cost of $5 for cover listing and membership list. Contact: Bob Hofacker, 7885 Stoltz Rd.Greenville, OH 45331-9654
CASINO CLUB: A specialty club focusing on Casino matchcovers and boxes. Meetings are held annually at the AMCAL and RMS Conventions. Dues: $12. There are 6 bulletins per year. Contact: Richard Giardini, 4416 W 6th St., Greeley, CO 80634-1332 or Joe DeGennaro; Membership application
CONNECTICUT MATCHCOVER CLUB: A regional club serving greater Connecticut and adjacent areas. TBD. People interested can contact; Robert Lamb, 308 Old Mill Drive, Langhorne, PA 19047-1544. Dues: $5 (US)/$6 (CAN)+one-time $1 initiation fee. Five bulletins annually, annual swapfest. Membership application

Not a regional club, it meets annually at the RMS conventions. Dues: $6 (domestic), $10 (Canadian & foreign). Bimonthly newsletter. Contact: Ellen Gutting, 10401 W. Cahrleston, #B108, Las Vegas, NV 89135

EMPIRE MATCHCOVER CLUB: A regional club serving greater New York City and adjacent areas. Meetings are 1st Sunday of every other month, except summer. Dues: $5; five bulletins annually.Christmas party; sponsor of the 1995 RMS convention. Contact: Ed Terracciano, 481 Beacon Ave., Lindenhurst, NY 11757 (E-mail: Joe DeGennaro) Membership application
FOREST CITY MATCHCOVER CLUB: A club open to all areas. Meetings are the 3rd Sunday of every month (except Jul and Dec). Marian Rousek, 944 Kingsbridge Ct., Akron OH 44313 Membership application
FULL-LENGTH MATCHCOVER CLUB: A specialty club focusing on Full-length covers. A new club, there is no bulletin at this time and a web site is being formulated for the listing of Full-length covers. Dues are $25 for initial fee to help offset the cost of the website and then $10 per year thereafter. Dues will eventually evolve to cover January through December. FMI: Dave Rutan, P.O. Box 713, Lacenter, WA. 98629 (360 513 5465)
GARDEN STATE MATCHCOVER CLUB: with members in 32 states. Dues still $5.00. Bulletins sent out quarterly. Contact Marty Israel, PO Box 722, East Brunswick,  NJ 08816, cell 848 702 5895
GIRLIE MATCHCOVER CLUB: A specialty club focusing on Girlie matchcovers and boxes. Founded in 1982, it has members worldwide. The goals of the club are to (1) publish an updated, illustrated catalog of known Girlie sets and singles, and (2) to put collectors in contact with one another. Meets annually at RMS convention. Dues: there is an initial charge of $60 for the spectacular catalog and subsequent updates, and $15 annual dues there after. Contact: Tom Gray, 4543 525th Ave., Miles, IA 52064-9533
GREAT LAKES MATCH CLUB: A regional club serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area. Meets on the first Sunday of each month at announced locations. No bulletin; no dues; only open to local collectors. Contact Denise Alliegro, 3702 Sun Terrace, White Bear Lake, MN 55110
HALLMARK COLLECTORS GROUP: A new specialty club focusing on Hallmark Card covers. The club meets annually at the RMS Convention. A listing of Hallmark covers is being prepared. The club hopes to have a newsletter when they get more organized. All collectors are welcome. FMI: Pat Mains, 105 Roger Lane, Florence, KY 41042-2334 (859-525-0588) No dues as yet. [this club is currently inactive]

HUGGABLE BEARS CLUB: A specialty club centered on matchcovers, boxes, and labels featuring bears and related materials. Meets annually at RMS convention. Dues: $5. Quarterly bulletin. Contact: Toby Messmer, 5930 Mary Ingles Hwy., Melbourne, KY 41059 (859-441-3339) for an application form.
JEWEL CLUB: A specialty club interested in Universal Match Corp.’s Jewel matchcovers. Meets annually at RMS convention. No dues. A Jewel listing is maintained and members are advised of any additions. Contact: Clem Pater, 9 Woodbury Ct., Hamilton, OH 45013-6314
JEWELITE CLUB: A specialty club focusing on Universal Match Corp.’s Jewelite matchcovers. Meets annually at RMS convention. Annual dues: $5. A Jewelite listing is maintained and members are advised of any additions. Contact: Morris Pasternak, 51 Beaufort Hills Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4E 2N2

KEYSTONE-LEHIGH MATCHCOVER CLUB: A regional club serving Allentown, PA, and surrounding areas. Meets at its annual swapmeet late fall of every year at the Morgantown, PA Holiday Inn, exit 22 of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Dues: $3 annually; 2 newsletter per year. Contact: Marc Edelman
, 8822 Hargrave St., Philadelphia, PA 19152-1511
LIBERTY BELL MATCHCOVER CLUB: Founded 1982. Serving greater Philadelphia, PA, and the tri-state area. Meetings (begin at noon): at various locations; Feb., May, Jul., Sep., and Nov. Details are announced in advance on the Liberty Bell Matchcover Club Facebook page: , and in the most recent club bulletin. July meeting is a picnic meeting. November meeting is our Holiday party at the home of Fred and Pat Constanzo (Trenton, NJ). 5 great, full color bulletins & mail order auctions each year. Dues: $10 (1 printed & 4 e-bulletins/year)/ $20 (5 printed copies), due on Jan. 1st each year. Contact: President: Robert Abbott ; Secretary: Sherry Sisson; Treasurer/ Membership Secretary: Robert E. Lamb, Jr. 308 Old Mill Drive, Langhorne, PA 19047-1544.
LONG BEACH MATCHCOVER CLUB: A regional club serving the greater Long Beach-Los Angeles, CA, area. Meetings are held on 1st Sunday of each month [no regular meeting site]. Six meetings a year including Birthday and Holiday parties. They have an annual Swap Fest end of October Dues: $5. 10 bulletins annually, mail auctions, and special programs which encourage participation of members outside of the local area. Contact: Steve Rohrer, 68 W. 51st St., Long Beach, CA 90805.
MARVA MATCHCOVER CLUB: A regional club serving the greater Washington, DC, and adjacent Virginia and Maryland areas. Meetings are held quarterly. Dues: $5. Quarterly bulletin, Christmas party. Meeting dates for 2008: March 22, May 17, Sept 20, and Nov.15 @ 4pm.Contact: Grant Gehringer, 4761 Parkman Ct., Annandale, VA 22003-5046 Membership application
MERMAID CLUB: A specialty club focusing on matchcovers and boxes with mermaids/mermen. Meets annually at AMCAL and RMS conventions. Dues: none. Contact person: Ellen Gutting, 10401 W. Charleston , D-317, Las Vegas, NV 89135
NEW ENGLAND MATCHCOVER CLUB: A regional club serving greater Massachusetts and adjacent areas. Meetings are bimonthly at Princeton Station in Chelmsford, Mass. Dues: $5+ one-time charge of $1 for new members. Bimonthly bulletin, annual swapfest, Christmas party. Contact: Leroy Burke, 2 Island Pond Rd., Pelham, NH 03076

PENN-OHIO MATCHCOVER CLUB: A regional club serving the Pittsburgh, PA-Youngstown, OH, area. Meetings are on the 3rd Friday of every other month and feature displays, speakers, freebies, and more. Dues: $6. No bulletin, Christmas and anniversary parties. Contact: Shirley Sayers, 1290 Corporation St., Beaver, PA 15009-2544 (Tel: 724-728-4671)
ROCKY MOUNTAIN MATCHCOVER CLUB: A regional club serving greater Denver and adjacent areas. Meetings are held on 2nd Saturday of every other month in Denver, Greeley or Cheyenne. Dues: $7 (individual)/$8.50 (family)/$8 (foreign). Bimonthly bulletin with many interesting articles, mail auctions, Christmas party. Contact: Richard Giardini, 4416 W. 6th St., Greeley, CO 80634-1332. Membership application
SIERRA-DIABLO MATCHCOVER CLUB: A regional club serving the Sacramento - San Francisco area. No regular meetings. No dues. Award-winning monthly, all-electronic, full-color bulletins keeps you informed on collecting and what's going on in the hobby. The best deal in the hobby! Membership application goes to Greg Lund, 7000 Rainswood Ct., Bethesda,MD 20817-2231
SOUTHEASTERN MATCHCOVER CLUB: A regional club meeting in Winter Park, Florida on the second Saturday of the odd numbered months. The annual Swapfest is every March in Altamonte Springs, Florida at the Hampton Inn. Regular meetings, bulletin. Dues: $5+one time $1 registration fee, $6.50 (family) [Membership dues are due January 1st each year]. Contact: Bill Hayes, Treasurer/ Membership Secretary, 13553 San Rafael Dr., Largo, FL 33774 (727-470-9148). Membership application
TOBACCO CLUB: A specialty club focusing on tobacco covers. Contact: Joe DeGennaro, 309 E. 87th St., #6E, NYC, NY 10128-6774 Membership application
TRANS CANADA MATCHCOVER CLUB: Canada's only active match cover club. The club meets annually at the Trans Canada Swapfest which is held in early May. Quarterly full colour bulletin with mail auction. Dues: Canadian membership: $18; American membership: $22; Overseas membership: $25; email membership: $5. Contacts: Jim Drakos, 27 Notre Dame Court, London, ON N6J 2G3 Canada or Morris Pasternak, 51 Beaufort Hills Road, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 2N2. Sponsor of the 1985,1993, 2004 and 2012 RMS conventions.Membership application

TRI-STATE CARDINAL MATCHCOVER CLUB: A regional club serving the tri-state: Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Our name Tri State Cardinal Matchcover Club honors the state bird of these three states. Our meetings are held in Northern Ky, and various cities in Ohio and Indiana.  Our Christmas party is the first Sunday of December and our anniversary party is the 1st Sunday in May. Other dates vary with no meetings in January, February, or August. Club activities include auctions, 50/50, refreshments, bingo, grab tables, and socializing. We have proudly hosted the RMS convention in 1986, 1994 .2002. and 2013.  We are the site of the 2024 RMS convention and welcome all to Kentucky—contact information  or Pat Mains  105 Roger Lane Florence, KY 41042 (859 525 0588).






Angelus MC $10 $10 $12/$14
Big Boy MC $5  none   
Casino MC   $5/$12  $12  $17/$17
Connecticut MC Jan. 1  $5  $5  $6/CAN/$10/Foreign 
Denver Strikers MC Aug.. 1 $6   $6  $10 
Empire MC  Jan. 1 $5  $5 $5
Forest City MC Jan. 1  $6 $6  $6/CAN 
Full-Length MC pending  $25 first year; $10 thereafter  $10  
Garden State MC    $5  $5   
Girlie MC  Aug. 31 $40  $15   
Great Lakes MC  no dues none  
Hallmark Colectors Group   no dues    
Huggable Bears MC Aug. 1  $5  $5   
Jewel MC       
Jewelite MC   $5 $5  
Keystone-Lehigh MC    $3   $3   
Liberty Bell MC  Jan. 1  $10/$20 $10/$20/$25  $10/$25
Long Beach MC   $5  $5   
MARVA MC  Jan. 1  $5  $5    
Mermaid Club N/A none  none  none 
New England MC  Mar. 4  $5  $5  $10/CAN $15/Overseas
Penn-Ohio MC  Jan. 1 $6  $6   
Rocky Mountain MC  $6  $6  $8 
Sierra-Diablo MC  none none none none 
Southeastern MC  Jan. 1  $6  $5   
Tobacco Club ***  $10  $10  $15 
Trans Canada MC  * $5/$18/CAN/$22/US  $5/$18/CAN/$22/US $5/$25/CAN
Tri-State Cardinals MC  May  $7/$10 $5  

Note: 2nd figure for Dues ($10/$15) is for family membership
* = Due date is individually set according to when the member joined
** = Requires unlisted man hole cover as dues [good luck!]
*** = Due at RMS
red = membership rate for full-color, e-version bulletins

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