RMS Sample Matchcover - "U.S. Navy Ships"
Many people don't realize that at one time, most "U.S. Navy Ships"
issued their own matchcovers, each with the ship's name, usually the
ID number, and, often, ship's logo. Within the hobby, they're divided
into Pre-War (prior to September 2, 1945) and Post-War (after
September 2, 1945). Identifying covers were suspended during the
war years.
This is a great category that many aspire to, but in which few succeed.
One collector quipped, "The first thousand covers are fairly easy; it's
the rest that are murder!" Collectors have spent lifetimes in the quest of
Navy Ship covers, but what a grand quest it is. Over 2,700 are known
...and previously unknown issues are still being found!

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