RMS Sample Matchcover - "Foreign"
Of course, the U.S. hasn't been the only country manufacturing
matches, although no other country can boast the same variety
and inventiveness. The category of "Foreign" takes in everything
that is not US-Canadian. Collectors soon learn that the world
has traditionally been split on what is available. Basically, the
New World produces matchbooks while the Old World produces
matchboxes with removable labels (as opposedto Western boxes,
which have the advertising printed directly on them). Thus, in much
of the rest of the world, match "label"collecting substitutes for
match"cover" collecting.
Foreign covers are often exotic and fascinating, though...if you
can read them! There are, no doubt, hundreds of thousands
available. Foreign Cigarette, Airline, Shipline, and Girlie issues are
especially popular here.

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