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79th Annual RMS Convention
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2020 Convention Info is being posted as it becomes available

Airport Shuttle Info/Reservations:
Travel Information:


Convention Schedule:
Pre-Registration Form:

Pre-registration is required for the banquet. You must sign up for the banquet prior to the convention. Send to:

Tours/Scheduled Events:
Silent Auctions:
Penny Auction:
Auction Lots: Any paid-up RMS member may enter up to 15 lots in the convention auction. Send a list (2 copies) w/SASE of what your lots will be to
Convention Program Book: Convention Program Book: @$35/full page, $20/half page, $10/quarter page. Contact:

Display Entry Rules: (need TIPs on making displays?)

Anyone entering a display must be a paid up member of RMS.
2. Displays can consist of used or unused matchcovers, full books, matchboxes or labels. (Salesman's samples, flats, mutilated covers, loose labels and loose pages are permitted ONLY in category #13 - Display.)
3. There are no restrictions as to title size, title placement, or other added material on a display, as long as the entire display is no more than 720 sq. inches in any dimentional combination - e.g., 24" x 30". 20" x 36" (not including the frame). Any display exceeding 720 sq. inches shall be charged as two (2) displays. No display may be larger than 1440 square inches.
4. Each display shall bear the name and address of the entrant on the back of the display. This information shall be covered with opaque paper or a card. The number of the category in which the display is to be entered shall be on the outside of the opaque paper or card. This must be done prior to entering the display.
5. Each display SHALL be covered with transparent material to inhibit removal of covers. (The chairperson wishes it to be known that all reasonable care will be taken to safeguard displays, but neither the chairperson nor RMS assumes any responsibility, either legal or moral, for their integrity).
6. Displays shall adhere to the criteria of the category in which they are entered.
7. Entrants may enter no more than two (2) displays in any category. A maximum of ten (10) displays per membership can be entered.

Display Categories:

1 Single .............................Two (2) of same may be shown to illustrate inside
Sets & Series
Military & Political ..........Army; Navy; Marines; Air Force; Coast Guard; Military Camps and bases;
Military and Veterans Hospitals; no Credit unions; Major and Minor Political

Lodging............................Hotels; Motels; Inns; Cabins
VIPs & Entertainment.......Movie stars; Movies; Theme Parks; Casinos etc.
Thematic...........................Bears; Fairs; Gaming; Top Hats; etc.
Businesses, Products........All Financial institutions; Department and Drug stores; & Services Funeral
Homes; Laundries; etc.

Eating & Drinking.......... Restaurants; Bars; Grills; Drive-ins; etc.
Open Entry to any display
Display only....................No RMS award given but displays are eligible for non-RMS club, individual and
memorial awards
14 People's Choice...............voted on by members attending the convention.

Club/Individual/Organization Awards to be Presented:

-Big Boy Restaurant Club:
-Connecticut MC:
-Denver Striker:
-Forest City MC:
-Girlie Club:
-Hallmark Club:
-Huggable Bears Club:
-Jewelite Club:
-Liberty Bell MC:
-Mermaid Club:
-New England MC:
-New Moon (gives two):
-Penn Ohio MC:
-Southeastern MC:
-Tobacco Club:
-Tri-State MC:
-Trans Canada MC:
-Keystone-Lehigh (Harry Stump Mem. Award):
-Mary Ross Memorial Award:
-Pat Flynn Memorial Award:
-Ward Chase/Evelyn Hovious Memorial Award:
-Empire (Manny Phillips Award):
-Empire - (Sam Schroeder Award):
-Stella Williams - John Williams Memorial Award:

Hall of Fame Nominations: It is never too early to send in a nomination for the RMS Hall of Fame.

Induction into the RMS Hall of Fame is a means of honoring individuals who have made significant contributions to the hobby. If you know any RMS member, either living or deceased, who deserves this recognition, now is the time to submit his or her name for consideration.


If living, the person should be an RMS member in good standing, with twenty or more years of membership. Deceased individuals must have joined RMS at least 10 years prior to nomination.

The nomination letter should include the nominee’s RMS number and a résumé of his or her contributions to the hobby. The person submitting the nomination must be an RMS member in good standing and include his or her RMS number as well.

Send nominations no later than July 24, 2020 to:


Outstanding Collector of the Year Nominations: Nominations for the RMS Outstanding Collector of the year Award to be presented at this year’s convention are now being accepted. Send nominations to Chairperson below.

NOMINATIONS ARE BASED ON THE FOLLOWING: An Outstanding Collector shall be selected from RMS members in good standing and based on his/her achievements in the Hobby and the Society during the 5 years immediately prior to the award. Nominees must have contributed to the advancement of the hobby in a manner far above the average in one or more of the following ways:

1. Promotion, publicity, or public relations on a national or international scale.
2. Organizational efforts in connection with the advancement of the hobby.
3. Author of books, pamphlets, articles, check lists, and similar material which have been circulated to a large
number of collectors.
4. Creation of good will among old and new collectors.
5. Sustained performance of above average work for the hobby in one or more of the above or other helpful

Any member in good standing may nominate a candidate for this award by sending in their name with a full resume of the candidate’s achievements. Consideration for the award will be based on the information and qualifications contained in the resume. Mail ASAP to:

People To Contact For:
-Convention Chairpersons:

-Airport Pickup:
-Auction Lots:
-Awards: See Convention Chairpersons
-Club Meetings:
-Cover Donations:
-Day Trips/Tours - Pre-Registration Form:
-Dealer Tables:
-Dining Excursion:
-Display Room: Loren Ross, 2743 Flangel Street, Lakewood, California 90712-3730
-Freebie Tables:
-Games & Prizes:
-Hall of Fame Nominations:
-Outstanding Collector of the Year Nominations:
-Penny Auction:
-Program Book:
-Raffle & Game Prizes:
-Registration Bags:
-Silent Auctions:
-Thank you Bags:
-Travel Info: convention chairpersons (see above)
-Trophies, plaques, etc.:
Please direct all other inquiries regarding committees, or to volunteer to help, to the Co-Chairs.

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